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  1. Bloody hell. I wonder what the Modern World would make of Mr. Ritchie throwing blackboard erasers at us back in the ’80s. He’d probably be in jail.

    Mind you, back then we still had The Strap. Just. State schools had stopped using it, but it wasn’t yet illegal. I only saw it used once, but the threat definitely worked.

  2. I went to school in the sixties and seventies. They had the cane, the slipper, the blackboard ruler and, in the woodwork shop there was an American style paddle. I was a fairly well behaved kid but still had first hand experience of most of these. I don’t recall being shot at though.

  3. I’m fine with the cane and the slipper and the ruler, but I draw the line at teachers shooting pupils with a gun, even if the bullets were plastic. But one can imagine how tempting it must have been with this kid…

    • It was a toy gun, literally used for play fighting, but I agree with larger point. Even though the kid is clearly a Dick and the schools mostly lack discipline.

  4. I go airsofting. I have two automatic rifles. Both can fire on fully auto as well as single shot. Even with a combat uniform plus eye protection a full burst can bloody hurt. He should not have shot at the boy. If he had hit him in the eye he could have been blinded.

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