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  1. If, as the environmentalists tell us, recycling conserves resources, then why aren’t businesses clamouring to buy our highly valuable rubbish? Why do we have to be forced to give it to them by pressure of law and regulation?

    These are not rhetorical questions. I genuinely wish people would ask them, and think about them. Because I know what the standard answer is, and it’s nonsensical. ”Businesses are only interested in profit, not conserving the environment”. But if a business can do or make more with less, then it does profit. If it takes fewer resources – of all kinds – to recycle a commodity than to create it from scratch, then it will be cheaper. But – with a very small number of notable exceptions which (unusually, actually do) prove the rule – it isn’t.

    This is what comes of believing that price is an artificial construct invented by evil capitalists to oppress the poor. You end up being oppressed by environmentalists.

    • A fine thought, but, as Sr Drummond points our, religious faith need not be explored. People see your question as cruel – like asking a grieving spouse why prayers didn’t save their loved one.

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