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Much will rest on Boris’ Cabinet

The only thing that can save Boris Johnson, and the Conservative Party, is his Cabinet:

BORIS Johnson will make everyone in his Cabinet promise to commit to leave the EU by October 31 – or they’ll be sacked.


The frontrunner to become Tory leader says that he will expect everyone in his top team to agree with his policy to leave, deal or no deal.

Having an all-Leave cabinet will tie Boris’s hands, and make it hard for him to fudge Brexit. That’s what has me most optimistic about things. Having your whole Cabinet turn on you would make things pretty difficult.

Still, remember the old saying about never underestimating the Tories’ capacity for betrayal and incompetence.

But now that the Brexit Party is pretty much ready to go the Tories have had their warning:

Nigel Farage has promised that his Brexit party will have candidates ready to fight in every Westminster constituency within days, as he said he would battle hard even against a Boris Johnson-led government that promised a no-deal departure.

But it’s still the fake May-style Brexit that worries me. Is that what we’ll end up with? Will that fool enough people to make it seem like Brexit? Will Steve Baker be our only line of defence on this? Or will we end up with an indefinite transition period?

Update: One of things we have no clue about in regards to Jeremy Hunt is, who’s going to be in his Cabinet? It’s all very well talking about a £20 billion No Deal ‘war chest’. What good is that if you have the likes of Amber Rudd and David Gauke making decisions? This is another reason why Boris will win.

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2 thoughts on “Much will rest on Boris’ Cabinet

  1. Even if the Conservatives were to deliver proper UK independence, I will still never vote for them. With their zero carbon crap, they have proved themselves to be dangerously incompetent and totally out of touch with reality.

  2. Very true. Boris has more to turn around than just Brexit. That said, he (probably) has longer than four months in which to do it. Let’s see.

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