I’ve got him over a barrel

You remember the Australian guy who ate a raw slug while drunk and it eventually killed him? Now there’s a guy – also an Australian, you may not be surprised to hear – who’s eaten a raw gecko, and that killed him too:

David was dared to eat a gecko at a party. He died 10 days later

But as usual philosophers got there first, thousands of years ago, with the reckless larrikinism: Diogenes died from eating raw octopus. So there.

P.S. It’s not actually confirmed that this guy really did eat a gecko. And the story about Diogenes is probably not true. But these stories are, as Dan Rather would say, false-but-true. Make a truth table out of that, Diogenes.

P.P.S. Perhaps I should point out that Diogenes was not a truth-table kind of guy. The last sentence was made in an entirely jocular spirit, and I apologise to any barrels who may have been offended by what I said.

(h/t Occam All Ye Doubftful.)


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