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  1. Yep. While it’s true to say that Mosley never came close to winning when standing overtly as a fascist, he wasn’t a nobody in the Labour Party or the Fabian Society. And how often does it have to be said that fascism is a form of (one form of, not the same thing as) socialism?

    The danger of assuming that fascism is a phenomenon of the “right”, and the Leftist caricature that it’s conservatives who are only being held back, reluctantly, from full-blown Hitlerism by some vestigial sense of decency and fairness, is that the Left will sleepwalk into it again without even realising what they’re doing. Indeed, they’ll believe the whole time, with all their hearts, that they’re “fighting” fascism.

    While it’s easy to lazily throw the word at anyone you disagree with, it’s eminently arguable that the Labour Party, under the leadership of lifelong Marxist and “anti-fascist” Jeremy Corbyn, is doing exactly that right now.

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