I’m right behind all these people who want the coal mines opened again. Open all the old ones, and hundred new ones, I say! Ignore the climate change objections, they’re bollocks.

Only question is… who’s going to work in them? Most of the old miners have got better jobs now, and they ain’t going back. (I know a few of them, and while they loved the mining community they had at the time, they’d rather shoot you than let you take them underground again). Or else they’re happy living on the disability and watching their big screens.

Young people? Are you serious? Can you really see pampered millenials having to get their hands dirty, working long days underground? Not when there’s welfare money rolling in.

Immigrants? Some of them work hard, true, but those ones have jobs in the service sector. They’re not going underground. The rest hang around on street corners all day, doing nothing much. They’re not going underground either.

There’s kind of picture building up here, isn’t there? Group X is not going underground. Group Y isn’t either. Z? Nope. Even butch lesbians who go on endlessly about how they’re as good as men at everything aren’t going to copy that particular male occupation. No-one is. Perhaps a few hardy salt-of-the-Earth working-class Northern lads who haven’t gone soft, but generally… no-one.

So you can open as many mines as you like, and you could fill the cushier surface admin jobs ten times over, but you’ll never get enough people to do the digging for a wage that makes the mines profitable.

(Not that it will happen anyway, as Greta will never allow it.)

Update: The real reason why coal mining can never be allowed to happen again – it’s racist:

A coal miner auditioning for a part in the Black and White Minstrel Show. He has since been arrested and is now interned for life in a high security prison for terminal racists.
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  1. If it ever happens it will more likely be robots. The technology is probably already available. Human maintenance engineers might be needed for when something breaks down but robots could do most of the dirty work.

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