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I’ll just die if they find out that Daddy was rich — 3 Comments

  1. One quarter of my ancestors were moderately wealthy, they owned a brickworks and a lot of windmills. By the time that I came along the industrialisation of the flour milling process by the likes of Rank-Hovis-McDougal had mostly put them out of business. One of my great, or it might be great great, uncles was a problem gambler so that didn’t help. By the time that I came along Many of the relatives on that side of the family owned houses which was unusual back in those days, most of us lived in council houses. I don’t lose any sleep over any of this, really what does it have to do with me?

  2. My ancestor found the nugget that started the Australian gold rush. It was worth heaps but he gave the cash to his mate to look after while he abandoned his wife and went to visit his other wife and child back in England. Here, to be fair, I must mention that he was actually Irish.
    The mate lost all his money doing something or other stupid with it and now my family is not distinguished at all.
    I have his magnifying glass at home that has his name scratched in it, our family heirloom, but a Rothschild style trust fund would have been even better.

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