The Telegraph’s view, even now, is that we should cave

The Telegraph’s view shows they haven’t really caught up:

Few prime ministers of recent times have taken office in less propitious circumstances than those facing the winner of the Conservative leadership contest this week. The Brexit imbroglio remains unresolved and the prospect of a conclusion that hardly anyone wants, namely a no-deal departure, is now a real one.

No, most Brexiteers now want No Deal, as they have realised that anything else will sell them out.

Britain appears to have dithered to calamitous effect.

This is a pithy summary of Britain since the 1960s.

This failure needs to be explained

We know the explanation. Since the 1960s the ruling class has had fundamentally different ideas about the country’s direction than everyone else.

a clear focus on what matters to the country is essential. The priority is Brexit and persuading the EU to reopen talks around the Withdrawal Agreement and the Irish backstop.

Insane. The priority is anything but trying to reopen talks about the awful WA and the backstop. The priority is to prepare for a No Deal departure. Seriously, the Telegraph has no more backbone than the Guardian.

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