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Cummings is a deal man, not a Hard Brexit man — 3 Comments

  1. That seems like a fair summary of the situation, although I’m rather less pessimistic about what kind of a deal Johnson and Cummings would accept. It seemed to me by the PM’s letter to the EU last week that he fully understands that the problem isn’t simply the backstop per se, but the continuing de facto EU jurisdiction that it represents.

    But yes, I think you’re right in being wary of the idea that we’re now in the fast lane to a clean Brexit, and that the EU maintaining its customary bloody-mindedness is probably our best hope.

  2. Don’t forget the BP – Boris knows that if he concocts a stitch up WA minus Backstop then he can wave goodbye to winning a GE – even a smallish swing to the BP will wipe out the Tories, as was shown in Brecon. So I think Boris knows he will have to get a ‘proper’ deal that will satisfy Leavers that we have actually left. Otherwise any backsliding on his behalf will condemn the Tories to oblivion, and (probably more importantly from his perspective) his Premiership too. He doesn’t want to be the patsy PM who kept the UK in the EU and promptly got the boot (which will be May’s fate), he wants a proper chapter of his own glorious achievements. So to some extent his own personal ambition could well work to the country’s advantage.

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