Apparently Jeffrey Epstein spent all his time with Donald Trump

At least, that’s how it seems from the media, who use every possible excuse to publish pictures of Epstein with Trump. Never mind the fact that they fell out badly over fifteen years ago. Never mind the fact that Epstein spent far more time in recent years (the suspect years) with Bill Clinton, and Clinton regularly went on Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ plane (26 times, apparently). That’s been known about for years, but still the media plays that down as much as possible, while taking every opportunity to remind their readers that Epstein socialised with Trump. As Epstein did with hundreds of others at the time, many of whom were prominent Democrats. Hell, they don’t even mention that Trump was a Democrat in those days, and those were often Democrat circles. Epstein also donated far more money to Democrats than Republicans:

Since 1990, Epstein has donated $147,426 to various Democrats and $18,250 to Republicans, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

But you wouldn’t know that from the media, would you? Because they’re trying to create the impression that Epstein’s a GOP kind of guy, and that Trump’s the sort of creep who would travel all the time on the Lolita Express, while the guy who actually did – Hillary Clinton’s husband – gets a free pass. Because he’s Hillary Clinton’s husband.

(Maybe those flights were innocent. Maybe Epstein isn’t a paedo after all. But you can’t take that line while simultaneously trying to slime Trump by association with Epstein.)

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3 thoughts on “Apparently Jeffrey Epstein spent all his time with Donald Trump

  1. To be fair, I don’t think anyone is saying Epstein was a paedophile, even in the current commonly used way. Technically a paedophile is sexually attracted to prepubescent children, an ephebophile is sexually attracted to adolescents who have gone through puberty – nowadays paedophile tends to be used to cover anyone who has sex with a person under the legal age of maturity.

    As far as I read the accusations the women were all of legal maturity, its just that the degree of consent is contested. So potential rapist, yes, potential sexual assaulter, yes, weird sexual fetishist almost certainly, but actual paedo, no.

    Though you’re absolutely right about the Trump connection – its noticeable that while there have been a few ‘Look Trump knew Epstein and was at one of his parties!’ pieces in the media, by and large Epstein has been memory holed now. And thats entirely down to his Democrat connections – if Epstein were a purely Republican type and no or only very minor Dems were involved, then this would be front page news every day in the US, the whole thing would never stop until the next US election. But its Clinton and the Democrats in the dock so they’ve have to forgo the chance to go to town on Trump in order to save their own.

  2. Yes, they’ve memory-holed Epstein for years because of all the Democrat connections. They’ve been forced to acknowledge his existence recently with his arrest and death, but they’ve tried to make that as Republican as they can. Now he’s dead the memory hole will gradually start to swallow him up, regardless of any suspicions over his death.

    Legal maturity — weren’t some of the women technically under-age according to the relevant state laws? But you’re right that he’s not really a paedo.

  3. “weren’t some of the women technically under-age according to the relevant state laws”

    Possible, but they generally seemed to be at least legally adults, so any that weren’t would seem to have been by accident rather than design. It doesn’t seem he was out to specifically get underage girls.

    Incidentally, the media memory hole an interesting litmus test – when one of these scandals breaks out, or one of the mass shootings as well, if one looks at how the media deal with it over say 6 months to a year later, one can get a reasonable idea of whether the facts ‘fit the narrative’ for the Left or not – those that do we’ll continue to hear about, those that don’t will disappear without trace. The Las Vegas shooting fits the latter bill – despite it being the largest mass shooting in US history, and not fitting the bill of any of the others, and having multiple strange issues regarding it, there’s not a peep about it in the media any more.

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