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Not even Remainers like the EU — 1 Comment

  1. Yes, its actually turned out that Brexit has uncovered a steaming pile of proto-fascists within our midst, masquerading as democrats, within all the main parties, some more than others, but none are free of them.

    I’ve said it elsewhere, the whole Remain scream of rage is nothing much to do with the pros or cons of being in a supra-national body like the EU. Its all about who is in charge. The Remain dominated political class or the voters via the ballot box. They thought they’d managed to con the voters into a nice 3 party ‘democracy’ where everyone agreed on the basic principles and just argued over when bin day should be. And suddenly Brexit came along and blew away their camouflage. Matthew Parris is another – he used to be a ‘eurosceptic’ now he’s raging like a BDS loon in the Spectator. Unmasked……..

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