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Another way to sabotage the Benn-Burt bill — 4 Comments

  1. I think they thought of that one, I read somewhere the text of the letter is spelt out in the Bill. But one does wonder what they’ve missed. For example is there a specific time by which Boris must send the letter, rather than just ‘after 19th Oct if no deal has been put before Parliament’? Would delivering the letter a few hours before the deadline mean he’d complied? Equally (and there’s no way he’d do this) have they specified the penalty for not delivering the letter? If not then surely there’s actually no reason why he can’t just say no and say ‘If you don’t like it give me an election and let the public decide my fate’.

    I think if Boris wanted to he could just brazen it out and throw himself on the mercy of the electorate afterwards, but like you I don’t think he’s made of stern enough stuff. He’s too much part of the Establishment to just give the lot of them the bird and dare them to do their worst.

    He could also find the smallest and poorest EU country and promise them a hefty chunk of the £39bn (or whatever the divorce sum is supposed to be) in return for vetoing the extension. Is Malta a full EU member? Could it be induced to help the UK in its hour of need, as it did 80 years ago? The Bulgarians are pretty corrupt, would £20bn be enough to buy their veto?

    I also guess there would be nothing stopping him writing to the EU on the behalf of the 17m who voted leave and point out to the EU that if they do agree to Parliament’s request to extend the A50 period he’ll make sure that the UK does its utmost to put as many spanners in the EU’s works as it can for the next 3 months or whatever period is agreed. And hope they just want rid of us and refuse.

    • >I think they thought of that one, I read somewhere the text of the letter is spelt out in the Bill.

      Yes, I think it is (I’ll look it up tonight).

      But I bet it doesn’t specify that Boris can’t do any other negotiating. So he could just say, straight after putting the letter in, “That was just our initial offer. But after thinking about it, we’re going to add some legally-binding conditions to the extension. Here’s some more conditions: x, y or z. Take it or leave it.”

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