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Don’t you know who my grandad is?

It’s funny how the left is suddenly full of respect for Winston Churchill. And full of respect for someone because of who their grandfather was. Nicholas Soames, who lost the Tory whip the other day, is the grandson of Winston Churchill. And the left think that Boris Johnson has done a terrible thing here, because he’s the grandson of Winston Churchill. It’s good to know that family lineage suddenly matters to the left. But when did Churchill become a goodie? I thought the left now regarded Churchill as a terrible man, a colonialist, a warmonger, a racist, a man who gassed Arabs, and so on?

Only this year John McDonnell denounced Churchill as a baddie:

Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell has attracted a storm of criticism after describing Sir Winston Churchill as a “villain”.


Responding to a question posed by Politico, Mr McDonnell cited Sir Winston’s decision to send in the Lancashire Fusiliers to help police quell a Welsh miners’ strike in Tonypandy in November 1910 while serving as home secretary as the reason for his judgement.

Surely Johnson should be congratulated for seeing off the grandson of an enemy of the people?

And as for fatty Soames himself, for years the left has regarded him as the worst sort of sexist, racist, bloated, upper-class Tory arsehole. Which he is. Yet now it’s a tragedy that this fine fellow has been booted out of the party? Another reminder that the left only loves a Tory when it suits them.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t you know who my grandad is?

  1. Its what I call the McCain Effect.

    McCain the Republican Presidential Candidate was the usual Evil Neoliberal Right Winger and The Next Hitler, yet once he was opposed to Trump he became The Good Republican (Loser) Who Sees the Evil Ways of the (New) Republican Next Hitler.

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