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Is it my birthday?

Amber Rudd resigns from the Conservative Party! It’s almost like what everyone on this side of the blogosphere has been saying for years: show some balls and the wets who are dragging us down will soon run away crying. Big girl’s blouses running off in a spaz tantrum gulping great buckets of air while radish-sized saliva gobules wrap around their heads is sweet to me. Very sweet.

Amber Rudd’s Remainer brother in the days when Boris planned to debag the bounder. Yes, really.


Oh, and Claire Perry is standing down at the next election. It’s almost too much for my taste buds to bear. Like I’ve accidentally fallen through the roof of a sugar factory. It’s incredibly sweet but I suspect I’m just having an amazing hallucination before I die.

When Michael Gove ends up as the wettest member of the party I’ll be voting for the Conservatives again.

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3 thoughts on “Is it my birthday?

  1. The continuing clearout of the Conservative Party puts me in mind (without wishing to be indelicate on a Sunday morning) of an episode many years ago when I had a colonoscopy. For 24 hours beforehand I had to drink a disgusting liquid intended to, ah, clear me out. The unpleasantness of the medicine and the strange relief as it did its work in a most uncompromising fashion is something I remember well, the memory evoked anew as the Conservative Party’s body politic evacuates some more shit. Nurse! Another dose, please!

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