Improve yourself, the Tonya Harding way

How We Can Be A Better Cricket Team, by Trevor Bayliss:

Exclusively revealed: Trevor Bayliss shares his blueprint for English cricket to make the Test team more successful

One of his ideas is:

Banning touring players from playing county cricket before a Test series

That is, stop the opposition players getting some practice in in the 4-day county competition before the series starts. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, just that it’s not really a way of making your own team better. It’s a way of making the other team worse.

But then, the headline does say how to make the English team ‘more successful’, not ‘better’, so I can’t really argue with that.


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3 thoughts on “Improve yourself, the Tonya Harding way

  1. Well if we leave the EU then we could enforce a limit on the number of foreign passport holders playing county cricket in the UK, like we used to, before the European Court produced the Kolpak ruling, which has meant that county cricket is now infested with foreign cricket professionals who can dredge up some European ancestor and get a passport from that country. I mean as a county cricket team which is easier – discover, train and nurture home grown talent, a process that will take a lot of time and money and often fail, or sign up an EU passport holding fully fledged experienced pro cricket player, who may even have had international experience to slot right into their first team squad? Its a no-brainer as things stand, and its no wonder that England are struggling to find decent talent, there’s far too many foreigners playing in the competition that is supposed to be the breeding ground for English Test cricket.

  2. I’ve heard this excuse for England a lot, but I don’t really buy it. Australia has 6 state sides, so in every round there’s 66 players competing. England has 18 county sides, so in every round there’s 198 players competing. Even if you take out the Kolpaks and temporary imports, you still have well over 100 local players, probably over 120 local players, getting a chance every round. So it’s not like there aren’t enough spots for English players.

    And county cricket has more rounds than the Shield, so there’s more chances. Not to mention that there’s a good second XI comp, plus the minor counties comps, for emerging players to come up through. Plus, it can be argued, the higher standard brought about by the foreigners makes it a better competition for producing international cricketers.

    Personally I think the failings lie elsewhere.

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