Blacking up was not racist then, and it isn’t now

It turns out Justin Trudeau has often done something that would result in career suicide if done by a conservative:

Two more instances of Justin Trudeau in racist makeup have surfaced hours after Time Magazine reported that he wore brown face at an “Arabian Nights” themed fundraiser in January 2001.

But he gets a free pass because of the ‘Bill Clinton rule’, which is that you can do what you want if you’re on the left (at least, until such a time as the left decides they don’t need you anymore, at which point they may throw you under a bus).

A rare picture of Justin Trudeau just before he killed Captain Cook.

But we all knew that. What’s even more interesting is just how many people knew about these incidents, yet Trudeau was PM for a whole four years before they broke in the media:

Some 500 guests showed up

Guest after guest is quoted with their opinions. Many people were photographed with him, looking perfectly happy. And, as we’ve discovered, there were other similar incidents. So half of Canada would have known about Trudeau’s predilection for the boot polish. Yet all these people were happy to keep quiet for years, even when political figures on the right were attacked for the same sort of thing. I bet you half the journalists in Canada knew about these pictures. I bet you all the newspapers were sent them years ago, and they declined to run them, until finally they were forced by the Conservatives getting hold of the pictures and pushing the story.

“How-de-do-dare. I’ll take dese doo whide ladies. Help yarself to da oil.”

Are we really going to judge the world’s political leaders for what outfit they choose at a fancy dress party? Do we really think that anyone who dresses as a Nazi at a party is really endorsing them? What about the people who chose the Viking outfit? Are they endorsing the Viking’s history of rape and pillage? Or are they oppressing the Vikings’ descendants? If a man puts on a schoolgirl outfit, is he… it’s all too ridiculous to continue with. I trust that the leader of Canada’s opposition Conservative party will have a less ridiculous, less PC take on this:

“I was extremely shocked and disappointed when I learned of Justin Trudeau’s actions this evening,” Scheer told reporters in comments broadcast live from an airport in Quebec where he is campaigning for the Oct. 21 national election.


“Wearing brown face is an act of open mockery and racism. What Canadians saw this evening is someone with a complete lack of judgment and integrity and someone who’s not fit to govern this country.”

Oh. The world is heading for a dark place. And I’m not talking about Kiwi polish.

Update: Trudeau’s real crime is against the English language and logic:

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Thursday he had a message for racialized Canadians specifically.

“Racialized Canadians”? Imagine if Trump had used this phrase. We’d be hearing about it for years.

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6 thoughts on “Blacking up was not racist then, and it isn’t now

  1. Another sin he gets away with is being rather handsy with the ladies. Imagine if an image like the Aladdin one got out with Trump’s hand around a woman’s neck like that. Even without blackface there’d be such an uproar one would feel the ground vibrate.

  2. “Another sin he gets away with is being rather handsy with the ladies.”

    There was of course the actual accusation of sexual assault made against him by a reporter who was covering a music festival in 2000 (coincidentally around the same time he was blacking up at school parties). This hit the media last year I think, and died a pretty quick death. It was pretty much 100% documented at the time, there was even an editorial in the reporter’s paper decrying his behaviour, and the reporter in question has been identified and has confirmed the facts of the allegation are true. (

    But nothing comes of it, while unsubstantiated claims against Brett Kavanaugh are treated as 100% true and he is declared to be unfit for any public office.

    The Left aren’t exactly hiding their double standards any more because it doesn’t seem to matter, no one ever calls them on it.

  3. The take on this at Samizdata is that Trudeau has been very keen on bashing other people for infringements of the ever shifting PC rules. If that is indeed the case then it is satisfying to watch him having to suck it up himself.

  4. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying it, and we have to skewer him while we have the chance. But we make them live up to their own rules without actually saying that those rules are good ones that we all accept.

  5. “But we make them live up to their own rules without actually saying that those rules are good ones that we all accept.”

    It doesn’t matter whether we (on the Right) accept the PC rules or not. Or indeed if the Left accuse us of agreeing with them. There is only one issue at hand – how to get them repealed? And that will only happen when every Leftist is made to live by the standards he or she demands of everyone else. We don’t have to ‘prove’ our way is better, or righter, or more moral/ethical, just to get the rules changed. Just make life so hard for the smug gits that they demand things change. And then we can say ‘Fine, as you please’. If we don’t use their own tactics against them they’ll just keep using them in perpetuity. Why should they do anything otherwise?

    Everyone knows the best way to deal with bullies is to give them a taste of their own medicine. You don’t beat a bully by refusing to fight back. And fighting back isn’t ‘condoning violence’, its showing the bully that actions have consequences.

  6. Thinking about it, and to put it another way, the Right’s task is to make the Left think the current rules are now a Bad Idea. Once they’ve come to that conclusion, then the argument can be had as what to put in their place. So worrying about whether we are being seen to ‘support bad ideas’ by using PC rules to attack Leftists is a red herring, our only aim it to discredit the existing rules by enforcing them vigorously on Leftists (we can ignore our own side, you don’t carpet bomb your own cities just to make up for the fact you’re carpet bombing your enemy).

    To put it even another way, PC rules won’t stay in place if the Left decide they shouldn’t. So worrying about whether you are supporting those rules by using them yourself is a waste of time. They will certainly stay in place if we don’t use them on Leftists.

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