‘Run over cops in your car’ is new ‘dog bites man’

How screwed up are things when this sort of story isn’t a national headline?

A man has been arrested on suspicion of the attempted murder of two police officers.


The officers and another man were struck by a vehicle in Littlehampton this morning.


The incident on the A259 is being investigated as a deliberate act.


Sussex Police officers were carrying out a routine drugs check at the side of the road when a Mercedes-Benz saloon approached at speed and collided with the officers and the man they were with.


All three were transported to hospital to be treated for serious injuries.


The driver of the Mercedes-Benz, aged 20, ran off but was stopped and arrested by officers on suspicion of attempted murder.

It’s reported in a local newspaper only. The BBC has it, but only as a local regions story.

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One thought on “‘Run over cops in your car’ is new ‘dog bites man’

  1. It clearly doesn’t hit their checklist.
    Was the driver white or a Brexit supporter and the victims anything but white, queer or something else besides white.

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