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Try reversing it, then get back to me — 2 Comments

  1. We know what it was. It was a group of powerful remainers giving Boris and his government a metaphorical kick in the nuts. It also violated the Bill of Rights regardless of what they said because, the monarch is part of parliament not just the two houses. So their definition of parliament was wrong. They did interfere in parliamentary process which the Bill of rights says they must not do.

  2. We’re dealing with lawyers here, they are all accomplished liars. They stand up in court and spout lies on behalf of their clients day in day out, stuff they ‘know’ is lies, but because its plausibly true (‘my client is very remorseful Your Honour’) they get away with it. In fact I think they do it so often they have actually convinced themselves they’re not lying. Hence the maiden aunt impression when anyone accuses the legal profession of political bias – ‘Judges??? Biased??? How could you, we are all as pure as the driven…’ etc etc ad infinitum.

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