Hard question is in fact easy

Conservative traitor Caroline Noakes asks a question in Parliament, a question which Telegraph hack Michael Deacon seems to think a telling one, but to which there is in fact a simple answer which will clear up all the problems:

Question of the day, however, came from Caroline Nokes, MP for Romsey & Southampton North. Mrs Nokes was stripped of the Conservative whip last month for voting to avert a no-deal Brexit …


“How does the minister suggest I respond to those in the beautiful marketplace of Romsey,” she asked calmly, “who three Saturdays ago told me I was a traitor who deserved to be shot?”

The answer is that she should tell them that she is sorry that she has betrayed the people of Britain, and that from now on she will no longer be trying to stop Brexit.

Job done, problem solved, country healed.



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2 thoughts on “Hard question is in fact easy

  1. As a constituent of the fragrant Ms Nokes, I would recommend that she resigns so that we can elect an MP who will actually represent the people of Romsey.

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