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If Boris is so bad why were you drinking with him?

The establishment seems to think that the scare and smear tactics they used against Tommy Robinson will also work against Boris Johnson. It has to be admitted that these tactics did work very well against Robinson. He’s been turned into an unperson, and the middle classes have been scared off him.

But these tactics aren’t working against Boris Johnson, and they won’t work. And that’s because Boris Johnson is already a well-established member of the ruling class. Eton, Oxford, Times, Telegraph, Tory party, Spectator, book deals, BBC appearances… you can’t try to make out that he’s really a bad guy, because all these bad things he supposedly did were while he was socialising in the very circles that are now trying to denounce him. If he was so bad, why did you employ him? Why did you invite him to your parties?

The same thing happened with Donald Trump. He’s supposed to be this crass, unacceptable guy to the Establishment, but all those crass things he did or said were when he was at the heart of the Democrat Party, and they weren’t bothered by them then. In fact they were celebrating him as a real, vigorous, high achiever. So nobody believes that they’re really bothered by them now. Bill Clinton did much worse, and they shrugged all that off, so we’re supposed to believe that them having the vapours over Trump isn’t just a party political stunt? We’re supposed to believe that if Boris Johnson was Labour then he’d be getting the same headlines about touching someone’s knees years ago? Nope.

(The other reason a lot of people aren’t bothered by this sort of stuff is, of course, that we need someone to get Brexit done, and we don’t care whether or not he’s an angel. Same applies to Trump. Ordinary Americans are looking right now for someone who can do what he says, not a saint.)

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3 thoughts on “If Boris is so bad why were you drinking with him?

  1. Its also dangerous, because by using these tactics now, on democrats like Trump and Johnson, they are making the ‘character’ attacks worthless in the future, when they might well be needed. I’m pretty convinced that if things continue the way they are in the West real dictator type figures will start popping up within the democratic system, really nasty types in a Putin/Erdogan vein, or worse, and the voters will ignore the warnings about them, because they’ve heard it all before. You can only cry wolf about things so many times before you get ignored, probably when it matters the most.

  2. “He’s been turned into an unperson”


    Facebook’s communication head said, “Our rules don’t explicitly forbid talking about Tommy Robinson – you are allowed to write that you don’t like him, or that he’s an idiot.”

    Delenda est Codex Vultorum.

    (My Latin’s rustier than a ’70s Lancia, but that’s close. I think. It definitely makes FB sound more sinister, at any rate.)

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