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This is how popular net zero is

Watch this section of Sajid Javid’s speech at the Conservative Party conference. He’s about to get some applause for expressing his wish for Manchester to elect a Tory mayor. Although this is clearly an unrealistic desire, he still gets applause, because this is a Tory conference, and they’re applauding everything.

But then he starts talking about global warming and Britain’s insane commitment to net zero. He waits for the expected applause, even if it’s just polite applause — and… nothing. Even the crickets keep quiet. There’s not the slightest hint of approval from a crowd that’s been robotically applauding everything.

Javid stammers, he’s clearly discomfited by this. He wasn’t expecting it. They really don’t understand that global warming and net zero suicide notes are about as popular with their base as Remain is. (And this is a conference, full of party loyalists, not the streets. It won’t be silence they’ll be receiving on the streets if they continue with this.)

At the moment Brexit (along with Corbyn) is keeping the Tories alive, but global warming and eco-bollocks is a sure way to drag themselves down again. They have a chance to reinvent themselves, but they’re blowing it. There are millions of people desperate for the Conservatives to offer a real alternative, but those same millions of people are also ready and willing to cast them off without a moment’s thought if they persist with this sort of rubbish.

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7 thoughts on “This is how popular net zero is

  1. I think it is clear the ruling superciliat is only just starting to realise just how unpopular they are, and ‘climate change’ policies which lead to expensive and unreliable fuel while lining the pockets of the rich (yes you, Sam Cam’s Dad) are a key reason for this.

    Wheeling out the Gretard is a sign of their desperation.

  2. Keeping the smartarse set in Westminster for most of the week might have been the best thing the Remain establishment could have done for this Conference. It’s full of real Tories instead.

  3. I think the easiest was to kill the climate hysteria stone dead would be to turn the heating down in every school and university, in the name of ‘reducing their carbon footprint’.

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