Boys don’t cry

So my son said they were shown Greta Thunberg videos at his school the other day. I asked him what the reaction was. He said, ‘Nobody gives a stuff. Nobody cares about what she’s saying. We were all just making fun of her’.

This cheered me up greatly. He didn’t say that because I’ve forewarned him about Greta Thunberg and her eco-bollocks (and that wouldn’t explain his classmates’ reaction anyway). It’s because of the good old-fashioned traditional indifference, or even outright suspicion, that normal, robust boys, even those at highly middle-class schools, have towards the preaching of hand-wringers.

Sod off girl-swampy.

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7 thoughts on “Boys don’t cry

  1. Excellent. Kids are certainly more easily manipulated than adults, but they’re no fools, and the sort of emotional tearjerking that works so well on gullible adults is exactly what they see through best. This news has cheered me greatly.

    What worries me more is the earnest teaching of unproven hypotheses and dodgy data as fact in schools. That’s the kind of thing they aren’t so well-equipped to deal with.

  2. Greta Thunberg? When I went to school (cough) years ago, the technical term was Mong.

    Maybe today’s young scamps aren’t so different after all. Very encouraging if true.

  3. The teaching of the dodgy data isn’t getting past their bullshit detection radar either. Why are we all bothering with study and exams if the Earth is going to become uninhabitable in eleven years time? The answer is that it plainly isn’t, nobody believes that it’s actually going to happen, well Greta maybe but nobody else does.

  4. Why not? Hitler, Stalin and Mao all made the cover of time magazine.

    Nobel “peace prize”: Obama, the EU, intergovernmental panel on ” climate change”, Al gore, Arafat, Mandela, the UN, the dark lord sauron…..

    An abused 16 year old mong who in 20 years will probably stink of alcohol and cat piss. Compared to the shower of shite above, a veritable saint!

  5. The Nobel Prizes are awarded for excellence in the sciences. The Peace Prize was added as an afterthought and it appears that it is awarded by idiots. Non of the recipients have been admirable people, the vile hypocritical sadist known as Mother Theresa was awarded one I believe.

  6. Actually I believe peace was one of the original prizes. The pseudo science of economics prize was added in the late 60s.

    I don’t think the idea of a prize for peace is wrong at all. It’s just so grotesquely easy to debase and politicise (excuse the tautology), even more so than literature.

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