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‘Remainism’ soon to be a recognised medical condition — 2 Comments

  1. It is amusing (tho probably not statistically significant) that its a Remainer who went nuts over Brexit. It also ties in with my theory that Brexit has had a huge psychological impact on some Remainers, because they are the sort of people for whom life has largely gone exactly the way they have wanted it to. Both personally and politically. They’ve been to uni, got ‘good’ jobs, they are socially liberal and have agreed with the broad thrust of public policy for the last 30 years – more taxes, more public spending, more government control of the public, and have integrated the increased integration into Europe with that general leftward movement as a ‘good thing’.

    And suddenly a load of spotty herberts have crawled out from under rocks in places like Scunthorpe and Stoke and voted through a massive wrecking ball to this nicely constructed internal world. Its no wonder they’ve gone nuts. Their entire world has been turned upside down, in their heads of course, not actual reality.

    • I’ve come to a similar conclusion from a slightly different angle: with a lot on my plate right now, it strikes me that these people who are taking it all so personally – losing sleep, seeking counselling, etc. – can’t have much else to worry about. I almost envy them.

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