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The gentleman fool

Following on from the previous post, I wanted to add the following.

In such extraordinary times, when we are facing a coup, only a patsy, or a a very narrow-minded lawyer, says things like, ‘We have to play like a gentleman, if the law says X then X it is’.

Lenin and Stalin went out of their way to make sure that they had the law on their side, so that a great many of their atrocities were fully legal. Of course they didn’t always obey the law, sometimes they just slaughtered a bunch of their enemies regardless, but in general they went to great pains to change the law to make their actions legal. They put everything in writing, and they dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s, and Lenin or Stalin or Trotsky (or someone only slightly lower down) would sign off on everything.

This didn’t make their actions any the more right, of course, and only a fool would have said ‘It’s a fair cop, Uncle Jo, the law’s the law, you’ve got to shoot me in the back of the head, if you don’t then people might lose respect for the law’.

Obeying a phony law passed by a phony government in collusion with a phony Speaker is not something that is high on my list of priorities for this government at the moment.

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