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Holy men given police escorts — 4 Comments

  1. Hmm, that reads like things lefties wish had happened, not things the Police would actually do.

    Anyone who gets run over / injured from lack of horn use would be in a great position to sue to Police.

    Protestors getting woken up from sleeping in an industrial area would not be able to sue.

    Though I agree, they’ve been allowed to run inappropriately rampant round the capital. Mostly like with the connivance of Khan and senior Police leaders who love this kind of SJW nonsense.

    Personally I think the instant the food supply of people living in that area was threatened, it should have been time to shut them down.

  2. I think the fire hoses should be turned on the lot of them to make them as wet, cold and miserable as possible. Pity the idiot mayor sold the Boris water cannons.

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