The old Conservatives finally have a good quality: non-existence

Heidi Allen finally embraces the lame side and joins the LibDems:

On Monday night Ms Allen said the Conservative party had turned into “Ukip or Brexit Party Mark 2” adding: “The party I joined doesn’t exist any more.”

Well goodness for that, because that party was not one that voters were going to vote for any more.

she claims at least 20 ‘one-nation Tories’ are ready to follow suit

Is there some way we can speed the process up? If she could pass their details on to me I can get going with the paperwork.

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2 thoughts on “The old Conservatives finally have a good quality: non-existence

  1. “one-nation Tories”

    Hear that noise? That’s Disraeli spinning in his grave.

    Because let’s be clear here: she’s not simply criticizing the current strategy of maintaining the option of leaving without an agreement open; she’s joined the so-called “Liberal Democrats”, a party which officially adopted the slogan, “B*ll*cks to Brexit”. She has committed to a party which is working to overturn the largest democratic expression in this country’s history.

    One-nation Tories do not airily, still less crudely, dismiss the opinion of the majority of the electorate.

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