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  1. I’m quite relieved to find that it’s not just me who believes in a Socialism-directed attack on the Western way of life, freedom and democracy. Even I think I sound like a rabid conspiracy theorist sometimes.

    The Left has almost won, too. Facebook and Twitter are tools, of course. Extinction Rebellion, the Greens, the Conservatives, Labour and other anti-capitalists are useful idiots (wonderful description). Who’s directing it all, I wonder? Is Putin pissing himself laughing, or does he wonder too? The Chinese? Internationally-organised Deep State actors? There I go again……….

    Excuse me. I must go lie down, or listen to a Goon Show episode, or something.

    BTW, would a VPN sort out Facebook’s blocking of you if it’s an IP address issue? Don’t / won’t use FB or Twitter so unable to offer a more useful suggestion though I routinely use a VPN.

  2. Heh, I get to know the feeling of wondering if I truly am an insane conspiracy theorist.

    My mother, a solid Thatcherite, hadn’t even heard of the Bilderberg group….. Bless her.

    I think I must sound insane to her, sometimes.

    On the other hand, I am feeling optimistic. I just get the feeling the tides are turning in the West.

  3. Libertarian here. I therefore speak for every single one of them (wink). Also I like bulleted lists and shall inflict them upon you. And yes I know you know all of this.

    1) Libertarians have little social and even less political power, so what we believe is largely moot.

    2) We typically believe in restraining government, which you did not address outside of: “even while the government is preventing Christian bakers from refusing to serve anti-Christians”…which is a policy not generally supported by libertarians. In fact, the loss of freedom of association is only bemoaned by libertarians.

    3) Most if not all the bullshit cited here is cultural, and, well, yes: libertarians are concerned with government power. Given that we are a flea on a dog’s ass in terms of dominant ideologies I’d say our current shitty culture is the fault of traditionalists and leftists – the truly dominant cultural powers.

    4) The libertarian dystopia you describe was reality for most of the Industrial Revolution but somehow free trade and free people (that includes people in business, the fucking bastards) managed to improve our lives beyond anyone’s imagination. This despite rampant and open hatred of people for their innate characteristics.

    When critiquing the libertarian talking point of “private firms should remain free from government interference” I find it helpful to

    (a) show that buyers and sellers are currently free (which includes free from perverse government incentives),
    (b) show that the firm in question isn’t simply providing its customers what they want,
    (c) explain how competitors/substitutes are currently free to operate but choose not to,
    (d) explain how a product/service in question is required for the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness,
    (e) and perhaps most importantly, describe the favored government policy to correct this injustice, how it is to be enforced, how this government power is to be restrained or removed if used to excess, and how it won’t be used on the “good guys” once the “bad guys” have control of government again.

    In the spirit of debate, I’ll offer my own blinkered and naive advice on your Facebook troubles: stop fucking using it.

  4. If the criticism of conservatives is that they’d rather lose with honour than play dirty and win, the criticism of Libertarians is they they refuse to dirty themselves by even playing the game, preferring instead to have small conferences debating the differences between the philosophies of Rothbard and Friedman/etc (which I had attended before deciding they were a waste of time).

    Sam’s response is typical of their blinkered view that only government power is a problem and that all businesses want is to make money (not these days)- remember the start of the problems in Atlas Shrugged was caused by the corporate types trying to hobble their competitors

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