Apparently Northern Ireland is expendable

If only we didn’t have to worry about Northern Ireland!

Northern Ireland has long been a millstone round the neck of the rest of the UK and to fail to take back our independence because of it would be an historic tragedy. It is not widely known that it costs the UK more to support Northern Ireland than it does to be in the EU.

I know, let’s give away Cumbria in return for a 3% reduction in automobile tariffs.

Devon in return for graduates being allowed to work anywhere in Europe they want.

Norfolk for better access to the German banking system.

In fact, let’s just get all those people who don’t pay tax and put them on a leaky boat to China.

we pay a net £7.8 billion to gain access to a market [ie. the EU] of about 450 million people

Because of course we wouldn’t have access to that market otherwise, would we? That’s why the rest of the world is unable to trade with it. You can’t buy any Chinese products in Germany, for example, or watch a Hollywood film in Denmark.

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One thought on “Apparently Northern Ireland is expendable

  1. Bear in mind that NI voted to remain, and around half the population of NI would be happy to rejoin the south (and that demographic is growing and will be the majority in the next decade or so). At some point, the status of NI will need to be looked at again (if not reunification a condominium or re-partition will need to be considered), so I don’t have a problem with the proposed special status of NI with regards to the EU.

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