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Boris May gets his way

So it looks like the EU/Boris plan is the same as the old EU/Theresa May plan (as I have been saying for years):

(1) Have a really awful thing in the deal. If you can get that through then great, but if you can’t, then that’s what you drop at the last minute so you can get everything else you want through, and the other side thinks it’s won a victory.

(2) Drag out the negotiations for so long that everyone gets fed up of them, and loses patience, and can’t wait for it to be over.

(3) Agree the deal at the last possible minute so there’s no time for a proper look at it, and while the euphoria is still in operation. Don’t leave time for doubts to form, and for people who know what to look for to go over it with an eagle eye.

(4) Say that it’s either this or no deal or revoke, even though you will of course pass an another extension if you really have to, no matter what you’ve just said in public.

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