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Lazy columnist syndrome

Janet Daley gets confused:

Can this really be happening? Can this tiny group of DUP politicians who represent a population of roughly 2 million people

2 million people is tiny?

actually be about to undermine a deal that almost everybody else – including the purist ERG MPs – is ready to accept

Where’s the evidence that everybody else is ready to accept? The Labour party certainly isn’t.

Anyway, any acceptance that is there is just because Parliament has deliberately worn people down, which was always the plan.

And stop with this lie that the ERG are ‘purist’. They’ve been willing to compromise all along. They just don’t want their country sold out.

and which the country and the EU – including the business and agricultural interests of Ulster – are crying out for?

Have you read the text of the deal? Have you heard expert legal opinion on it? The country is crying out for an EU exit, yes, but not a bad deal. How do you know it’s not a bad deal?

If it were not ridiculously superstitious to say this, I would be inclined to posit the idea that the partitioning of Ireland and the terrible events that preceded and followed it were a form of original sin from which the British can never escape. If the DUP succeeds in defeating this Brexit deal, I may even begin to believe it.

Do you think she has any inkling of how absurd this is?

It seems that even previously okay columnists have gone a bit mad. For the 500th time, there is no requirement to get a deal from the EU in order for us to leave. The only barrier to us leaving are those people in positions of power who don’t really want to leave, not those who are looking after our interests.

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