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Dress it up how you like, Boris sent the letter — 6 Comments

  1. Johnson has made it clear to the EU that the letter is from Parliament, not from the Government. The EU has repeatedly said that it will negotiate only with Governments. Unless the EU is prepared to break its own rules (a low bar I know), they must regard the letter as irrelevant.

  2. In one of the other letters Johnson sent, he wrote “It is, of course, for the European Council to decide when to consider the request and whether to grant it”:

    So he has given the EU permission to regard this as an official letter from the government (which it is, despite him not signing it). And the EU will treat it that way, be under no illusions about that.

    If the EU wants to offer an extension, it will offer one. The question now is, will Johnson refuse it?

  3. Another problem is this wretched transition period. The EU can extend it and the ECJ has the say so not an independent arbitrator. It’s a terrible deal as it is based on May’s surrender treaty. It must not pass. Only a No Deal gets us out of the EU cleanly.

  4. The surrender act told Boris to send the letter. It didn’t specify how the letter must be sent. I don’t see anything in the surrender act that forbids him giving the letter to a trusted person and instructing that person to walk to Brussels. 10 to 15 miles per day, 220(ish) miles, the letter would have arrived in early November.

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