Zeno’s election

Perhaps politicians and the media should listen to me. I’ve been saying for ages now that the Remainer MPs who kept threatening to bring down the government in a confidence vote were bluffing, because they knew they would probably lose their seats as a result (when otherwise they still had four years left). Plus the Remain influence in Parliament would then disappear. So there’s no way on Earth they would really do this. Not even if Boris Johnson’s government announced plans to abolish schools and send all the children up chimneys instead.

It’s totally obvious now that my surmise was right. Wild horses won’t drag them to vote for an election. Especially when they will attempt to use that as leverage. Remember that progressive elites always use every advantage they have, even the smallest, in the most unscrupulous ways they possibly can.

Update: I never believed the ERG or the DUP would really vote against the government in a confidence vote either. (I don’t think May’s government believed they would either, which is why their threats never got anywhere.)

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