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Latest Guardian headlines

Bake Off is broken – here’s how to fix it

Shoot it, that’s how.

Adrian Chiles:

What could finally stir me to communism? Watching Made in Chelsea with my daughter

Has the Guardian ever published a headline ‘What could finally stir me to Nazism?’

Lib Dems face being frozen out of any live TV debates

I say give Swinson her own one hour slot. That should kill any increase in votes for the LibDems.

Owen Jones:

People are passionate about politics again – and they want radical solutions

How come all of Owen’s stories seem to end with ‘people want radical solutions’? ‘Garden shed sales increasing, and people want hard socialism’. ‘Bucks Fizz reform, and this shows that the people want the Red Terror’. ‘I’m constipated, and a radical purging solutions are needed’.

Guardian editor Katherine Viner:

Today we pledge to give the climate crisis the attention it demands

Phew! There I was thinking that the Guardian didn’t take climate change seriously enough.

Another climate change author, Fiona Harvey (turns out there’s loads of climate change stories in the Guardian, so maybe Kath’s story was entirely unnecessary, can you believe?) says:

‘There are no excuses left’: why climate science deniers are running out of rope

So what’s this great new evidence that Fiona has uncovered?

the drumbeat of new science, data piling on data showing how close we are coming to disaster. In 2007, I watched the scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change emerge bleary-eyed from an all-night session in Paris where they faced down vested interests to warn emissions must peak by the early 2020s to avoid dangerous climate change. By 2013, in the fifth report in Stockholm, they predicted it would be 30 years before the 2C threshold would be breached. Last year, in the starkest warning yet, the IPCC gave us 12 years to reverse direction.

Ah, the same old IPCC shit. We’re so lucky that the Guardian has pledged to run loads more of these non-stories.

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3 thoughts on “Latest Guardian headlines

  1. the same old IPCC shit

    Oh yes. Years ago, I stumbled across a refreshingly written blog piece that (whilst managing to put in a plug for nanotechnology generally – never trust an academic!) manages to put climate change into some sort of perspective. I rather like the lack of “models” and “adjustments”. It’s a good read, and with apologies if you’ve already seen it, it’s …>>here<<….

    I do hope I didn’t bollox the href…………..

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