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TiVo politics

TiVo, or Sky+ in the UK, allows you to bypass the crap that TV channels mostly offer up, and create your own channel. It must be twenty years since anyone sat down and watched the same channel all night. (Personally, I never did that, but I remember that plenty of people used to.) Everyone now watches the shows they’ve put together on their own planner.

We can apply this to politics as well, to a limited degree in order to take back power (well, some power) from political parties. Instead of accepting carte blanche what the least bad political party offers us, and just blindly voting for candidate for that least bad party, we can pick and choose our candidates and assemble a list of the best ones in each seat, and take account of which Leaver has the best chance to win, in order to maximise getting the most Leavers into power. In other words, creating a meta-Leave party.

It’s not quite like TiVo, of course, because you can only vote for one candidate, and you don’t get to choose who’s up for election in your area, whereas with your self-created Sky+ channel you get to watch any of the shows you like. But if we take a nationwide view and consider Leave voters as an entity in themselves, we can still see our ‘virtual’ Leave party as providing a better set of choices for that bloc of voters. Such a voter may even vote for a Labour Leaver over a Tory Remainer (although whether any still exist now that Kate Hoey is standing down is doubtful).

This also means that we don’t have to rely on the Conservatives and the Brexit Party ‘coming to an arrangement’, because that doesn’t look like it will happen. Instead, we come to the arrangement ourselves.

Someone just needs to come up with a properly researched list of such candidates. I don’t have really have time, knowledge or resources to do it, but hopefully a well-funded Brexit think-tank can do so.

Update: ‘Leave Alliance’ would be a good name for this, except that Pete North already uses that for his group. Suggestions in the comments, please.

Update 2: Now Nigel Farage is using the phrase ‘Leave Alliance’, so perhaps that’s going to be it.

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One thought on “TiVo politics

  1. I understand is producing a smartphone app that will recommend the Leave candidate with the best chance of winning in each constituency.

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