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The forever apology

There’s always a fake storm over every little thing a Conservative says, cooked up by the media, that doesn’t exist in reality, or at least, not outside the inner suburbs of London:

So it’s important that Conservatives stand up to this, and cut out the grovelling apologies that end up being all they are known for. That’s the sort of robust advice you’d expect a former military man like Rory Stewart to take to heart… oh:

The independent candidate for Mayor of London found himself in hot water when he described three men he met during his previous campaign to become leader of the Conservatives as “minor gangsters”.


Mr Stewart said: “I think it’s important to acknowledge that I was wrong. I apologised immediately and I apologise again now. It was a complicated incident.


“These were some young men from Ireland who were quite understandably teasing a politician by making some fake hand signs. I thought I could participate in that joke and I was wrong.”


He also conceded that Jacob Rees-Mogg’s comments about Grenfell were “very unfortunate”.


He added: “I think that was the wrong thing to say. I can both say that I was wrong and he was wrong.”

Not only does Stewart say he’s wrong over and over, he even takes it upon himself to apologise for one of his recent colleagues.

If you want to envisage a Conservative future, imagine an MP apologising for everything – forever.

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4 thoughts on “The forever apology

  1. It’s time for GrenfellTakesOffence.co.uk to be closed down. Nobody can say anything about Grenfell fire without some rentamouth appearing on Today (shy is it always Today?) to spew offence. The most recent offering was a Christian(!) pastor doing a more-in-anger-than-in-sorrow monologue; that is, without Beeboid interruption.

  2. What’s going on in this particular manufactured outrage, is that JRM – like most on here I guess – is someone who expects to take responsibility for his own life and actions, and upon finding himself in a burning building, will simply leave, regardless of whatever drivel is being spouted by state apparatchiks around him. After all, a major fire is practically the definition of a life-or-death situation; you don’t piss about, you just gtf.

    otoh, those pretending outrage are those who expect someone else to tell them what to do at all times and in all situations – even this situation, incredible as that might seem to us. To refuse the “official” instructions and think for oneself is heresy; it’s against their zeitgeist, they can’t imagine how anyone would be like that, it makes their heads explode.

    Hence the outrage.

    The dichotomy shows up all over the place, but this is an extreme example.

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