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When he got to Heaven, he said “It’s important that there’s no far-right here” — 4 Comments

  1. Having gone to church every day at school, and every Sunday at home (my father was a church warden), I find in late middle age that the CofE offers very little spiritual nourishment.
    It appears obsessed with issues that seem at best tangential (such as homosexuality and women priests) and the received political nostrums of the day such as ‘climate change’ and big government.

    I stopped going altogether a couple of years ago after a row at a dinner party with our vicar, when I pointed out that the irrelevance of the CofE to most people’s lives may be connected with the way the State has usurped the Church’s traditional roles, and it made no sense for a Vicar to be a socialist.

  2. You should print this out and stick it all over his church… Send him a copy through the post if you don’t mind the hassle of being arraigned for a hate crime

  3. And I thought my minister was bad. Actually, that’s not fair; he’s a decent bloke really; I think he’s just been seduced by the prevailing groupthink like so many others. He certainly hasn’t openly called out the POTUS from the pulpit, but he’s always banging on about Syria and Yemen, never once the plight of, you know, Christians (the most persecuted religious group in the world today, not that you’d know it from the media) in Egypt, Pakistan, or China.

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