No blacks, no Irish, no Tories

Again, the double standards of the left:

it is in fact part of a sinister trend in the rental market, student and otherwise, where some households have been vetting potential tenants for their political views.


Among the many responses I received, one reader said the problem was much greater than I’d imagined; that some flatmate adverts were now warning off people who did not have Europhile or left wing worldviews.

And again we see the weakness of the right:

Commenting on my findings, SpareRoom said: “Recently we have seen more mentions of political preferences in adverts, which unfortunately is a sign of the times we live in. Choosing who you live with based on how they vote isn’t counted as discrimination however we’d always encourage people to say who they do want to live with, rather than who they don’t.”

What do you think the Conservatives will do about this? Nothing, that’s what.

They could insist that this counts as discrimination. But they won’t.

Or, conversely, they could insist that anyone has the right to decide who they live with, or rent to. But they won’t do that either.

What they will do is what they always do, the worst possible response, which is just to let the left conquer another territory, even at the expense of their own supporters.

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2 thoughts on “No blacks, no Irish, no Tories

  1. They will never, ever protect us, their own people against any threat whatsoever; look at their pro-immigration policies and May’s refusal to investigate the Telford child rape gangs. We literally do not count to the metros.

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