So I went to Dick Delingpole‘s Libertarian Drinks in Worcester on Wednesday night, and a very enjoyable night it was. I enjoyed talking to people so much that I didn’t even get a chance to meet everyone. But as I intend to go back, that’s not a problem! Plus I’ve now met the perfect man to direct The Biscuit Factory should it ever be turned into a TV series (yes, I know, fat chance of that).

Dick is intending to take Libertarian Drinks nationwide. I gather he’s not intending to label that ‘Libertarian Drinks’, because libertarians don’t always like being labelled. And also, I think, because there are many people who don’t consider themselves libertarians but who may still enjoy the company, and they are welcome to come. So he’s considering going for the label ‘#ThirdWednesday’, because the idea is that it will always be on the third Wednesday of the month.

So if you are interested in hosting your own local chapter of #ThirdWednesday, then get in touch with Dick via Twitter. He’s going to get a webpage set up to list all the local chapters. The idea is that rather than Dick or someone else managing everything from the centre, we let local chapters spring up and organise themselves. It is, after all, just a pub night consisting of nothing but drinking and talking, so there’s nothing much to organise, other than finding a local pub — Wetherspoons are good for this — that is happy to let you reserve some tables once a month, and maintaining an e-mail list of people who are interested in coming.

(This self-organising method worked really well for Skeptics in the Pub, which I started, and that involves much more organising by the local chapters, because they have talks, and speaker expenses, and big turnouts, and generally require a dedicated room, so #ThirdWednesday should be much easier.)

I’d like to say well done Dick for getting this organised. Not only is he a great guy to drink and chat with, he’s actually got something useful going, rather than just sitting around at home moaning like the rest of us.

Update: If you can’t get through to Dick on Twitter (you may be banned, for example), then try e-mailing me and I’ll pass your message on.

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2 thoughts on “#ThirdWednesday

  1. It all runs like clockwork unless Wetherspoons have consulted a different lunar calendar. Even the alt-world ‘second Wednesday’ worked well. The time always flies by and I’m looking forward to the Winterval Special next month.

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