7 thoughts on “Tactical Brexit

  1. TacticalBrexit got my constituency wrong. They note that Brecon and Radnor has a Conservative MP, but it doesn’t. It has a LibDem MP because there was a by election this year which was won because of, you’ve guessed it, tactical voting. Plaid and The Greens withdrew to help the Lib Dems and the Brexit Party split the Conservative vote. Thankfully, Nigel has learned from his error.

  2. Tactical Brexit got back to me and said:

    >Looked at this quickly, and of course you [ie. Dave] are right about the by-election last year. What we have on the site is the 2017 GE result – we take the view that by-elections are poor indicators of future voting intentions, and that GE results are better.

    They’ve also updated the blurb for that constituency to mention the by-election. It does look like one you want to vote Conservative in, assuming you can hold your nose tightly enough.

  3. Thank you Hector.
    I have to say the advice was right – vote Conservative – and now that the Brexit Party have dropped out and we have an untainted candidate (the sitting MP was removed by a recall petition) then there is a good chance the seat will return to the Tories.

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