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Boosting and destroying women’s sport at the same time — 8 Comments

  1. The criticism of women’s cricket is well off the mark. Women can’t hit boundaries as well as men because they are less strong. Otherwise, the standard is very high, not quite equal to the men yet but the women’s game is still fairly young and many teams are only semi professional.

    • No the standard of womens cricket is not high at all. I’ve played village club cricket all my life, and I’d say that the standard of women’s international cricket is well below that of ECB Premier League amateur cricket (note this is a standard where first class cricketers often turn out for local cricket teams to get practice, and many former first class players play too, and while they often do well, they also are not demonstrably too good for the standard). My guess is that the England Ladies cricket team would be a match for an average ECB County level amateur mens team, that it to say somewhere around 5 or 6 levels below international standard (the levels being roughly International>First Class>County 2nd XI/Minor Counties>ECB Premier League>ECB Premier League 2>ECB County League)

      This is demonstrated that even when there were no real womens cricket leagues the female internationals did not play club cricket with men at any level. As cricket is a non contact sport there’s no reason for them not to play in mixed teams if they are good enough, so why don’t they play at a suitable level to improve their game? The answer is that the level they’d have to play at to be competitive would be so low it would be embarrassing, so they don’t.

      We know from other sports such as football that female international sides have been completely thrashed by teams of teenage boys, so the idea that female international cricketers are even in the same area code as their male counterparts is laughable.

  2. This is simply proof that not only are men better than women, but also that when men become women, men are better women than women.

    This makes perfect sense once you are as woke as i am.

  3. New Zealand’s 615-9 a couple of days back perhaps demonstrates our men are not much good at cricket either.
    I don’t follow cricket but I am a football fan. The women’s world cup this year was a real treat. What they lacked in force and aggression they more than made up for in skill and grace. Yes, women’s football needs promoting more, but to introduce burley self-declared wannabe women will kill that beautiful spectacle.

    • “New Zealand’s 615-9 a couple of days back perhaps demonstrates our men are not much good at cricket either.”

      They are playing the best team NZ has ever produced.

      “What they lacked in force and aggression they more than made up for in skill and grace”

      I’ll start paying attention when they start playing in crop tops and short skirts.

  4. Another small data point on the ‘How good are female professional athletes’ question was that ITV programme about the old England footballers trying got get fit enough to play a rematch with their old German rivals (Harry’s Heroes it was called). As part of their training regime they played a game against the Crystal Palace Ladies pro team. Now the old England guys were seriously unfit and in their 40s and 50s. And they beat Palace Ladies 1-0, which should have been about 4 or 5 nil if Paul Merson had put away his multiple chances. By comparison the England old boys would have been ripped apart by even a semi-pro team of young men from regional leagues. It has little to do with skill and fitness, even fat old men are bigger, taller and able to kick the ball further and faster than young fit women.


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