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Could they run a jumble sale?

The other day I got two political campaign leaflets delivered together, the LibDems and the Greens. Problem is, these two rabbles of buffoons managed to deliver pamphlets for candidates from the wrong constituency. The boundaries around here were changed nine years ago, and it seems that our anti-democratic friends haven’t yet caught up.

And here’s the back of the Green Party leaflet:

I had to laugh at how dumb Caroline Lucas is when she talks about the reasons for voting Green. She gives three reasons:

(1) A green vote will prevent climate chaos (sure it will);

(2) A green vote will transform Britain while remaining in the EU (yawn);

(3) A green vote will see more green MPs elected which will keep the other parties honest.

It was (3) that really made me laugh. People voting for the Greens, in case you didn’t know, will result in more Green MPs being elected. Genius.

Of course her point is that having some more Green MPs can keep the other parties honest (although we know that in reality the opposite would be the case), but that’s just a general, anodyne comment. She had the space to give three specific reasons for voting for the Greens, and her third reason really just amounted to ‘A vote for the Greens will help us get some MPs’. Woeful campaigning.

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