How could it get any more humiliating, yet still they’re in charge?

This is unbelievable — you’d think it must come from some Tom Sharpeish, over-the-top satire.

The London Bridge attacker was heralded as a success story of the rehabilitation initiative that he went on to attack, it emerged on Sunday night.


Learning Together, a Cambridge University programme, worked with Usman Khan in prison and after his release and used him as a case study to show how they helped prisoners.


Khan even wrote a poem and a thank-you note to organisers after they provided him with a computer he could use without breaching a licence that banned him from going online.

But it’s all true. It’s hard to imagine how it could possibly be more any more embarrassing for the liberal establishment. He was literally their poster boy. Yes, he actually appeared on a poster they did. And they did a 10k run to raise money for him so he could buy a computer to use at his bail hostel. Khan killed the very people who were working to rehabilitate him. The liberal left have been exposed as utter, utter, deluded, dangerously naive fools yet again (despite them trying to cover this up: the organisation in question, ‘Learning Together’, deleted their website the night of the attack because it contained a lot of this material.)

How is the whole of the establishment not all reigning in shame? How is it that this sort of thing keeps happening year after year, and still the soft left remain in charge year after year, running the government, running the quangos, running the BBC, running the Guardian, running the prisons, running the Universities, running the publishing industry, etc.? Arrest them all.

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5 thoughts on “How could it get any more humiliating, yet still they’re in charge?

  1. This is the background against which “hate” on twatter and facefuck is considered the greatest threat to the harmony of the spheres.

    If you detach yourself, what happened was, short of actually cannibalizing the dead, the ultimate expression of contempt.

    What is this sub cockroach doing in this country. What is it doing out of jail? It has been pointed out that the “shoe bomber” Richard Reid who tried to detonate a bomb on a US flight in 2001 got 110 years WITHOUT PAROLE.

    Rhe lesson to these naive children should be clear but of course it won’t be. I suspect that in 15 or 20 years Europe won’t be a very nice place for those who follow the “religion” of pathological self hatred.

    We are heading somewhere dark.

  2. Yet if you point any of this out, you’re accused of “spreading hate”. I’m beginning to understand how Churchill must have felt in the 1930s.

    “Er. The Germans are re-arming. Shouldn’t we, y’know… be prepared? Just in case?”


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