5 thoughts on “All things to all men

  1. I visited my local dental practice the other day and I can tell you that empirical evidence alone entirely discredits the notion that birds are shrinking, climate change or no climate change. There wasn’t one of them amongst the surgery staff less than about 18 stone.

    I’ll get me coat……..

  2. Horses are overweight because their overweight middle aged owners (almost entirely female) don’t exercise them enough, and feed them far too much high energy foods, for misguided anthropomorphic reasons. It has the square root of f*ck all to do with climate change, or for that matter Zoroastrianism or K-Pop.

  3. As we all know, absolutely anything at all is proof of global warming/climate change/climate disruption/apocalypse now etc etc.

    Except when it’s unusually cold, of course – that’s just weather.

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