7 thoughts on “Cuddly cartoon versions of the little Stalins

  1. Something tells me that the ‘little people’ mentioned here don’t include (say) checkout staff, white van drivers, factory workers or bin men, its more a case of ‘middle class lefty twats who cream themselves at the idea of having the power of life and death over everyone else’…………..

  2. How is it possible not to be aware that this crap has been tried loads of times and every time it has been an unmitigated disaster for everyone but a tiny elite?

  3. Quite easy when all you’ve had by way of ‘education’ is what a bunch of Leftist teachers and lecturers tell you. Kids get to hear about the evil doings of the Nazis til the cows come home, the pile of dead and decades of human misery directly attributable to socialism are never mentioned…………imagine you were born 30 years ago – you have no personal experience of the Cold War, of the Iron Curtain, of what life was like for the people under Communism. No one at any of the educational establishments you’ve attended will have enlightened you. So when Magic Grandpa comes along telling you that ‘Socialism is the answer!’, why would you have any reason to dispute it?

  4. I actually did that ! Well, not as much seize the means of production, but rather, through work and thrift over 25 years I bought the means of production. And now this little person is the sole owner of his very own furniture workshop, full of machines and high quality tools that will last several generations. Admittedly I have not changed the face of the earth in any noticeable way, but that kind of hubristic hyperbole is for deluded ideologues who can only think in slogans. I have however managed to make a livelihood for a handful of guys simply by refining a renewable, recyclable local resource with an exceedingly small ecological footprint. We have made very useful and sometimes even beautiful things that people voluntarily pay good money for; furniture, windows, doors … things that are so well made that they can easily last for over a 100 years. Oh, and good luck to anyone wanting to seize MY means of production. MOLON LABE !


    Yes, you have to remember that when these people use the word “seize”, what they really mean is steal. They imagine that when theft is backed by the state declaring it legal, then it somehow doesn’t count as stealing. It never occurs to them that, once the state has declared theft to be fine and dandy, then their own stuff will soon be fair game too.

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