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Grovel before us, possible apostate

So Hollywood called out actor Chris Pratt for using a single-use plastic water bottle, and a suitably-shamed Chris Pratt grovelled out an apology:

Actor Chris Pratt on Wednesday apologized for posting a photo on Instagram of him posing at a gym with a single-use plastic water bottle in his hand after “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa called out his fellow Hollywood star.

Something about the word ‘Hollywood’ rang a bell with me, though. Is this the same Hollywood that will construct a whole town just to blow it up for a few seconds of screen time, or is that a different Hollywood? Is this the same Hollywood that often destroys dozens of cars, motorbikes, trucks and helicopters just to entertain jaded teenagers? The Hollywood where they make tens of thousands of latex masks and single-use costumes and all the sorts of disposable bits of plastic required with large movie sets and huge casts of people to look after?

Are we talking about Brian Hollywood, retired accountant in Melton Mowbray, or Hollywood the industry that moves into places like a plague of locusts, and then shifts out again as soon as it’s got what it wants? Thing is, Brian’s probably not so stupid as to think that Chris Pratt’s plastic water bottle is going to end up in the sea, seeing as Chris Pratt doesn’t live in the third world, whereas the people in Hollywood California are notoriously stupid and hypocritically pious, so I’m guessing it’s them. The same place where the pompous actors and directors and producers and business people have monstrous houses, but it’s okay to be left-wing because you disapprove of plastic water bottles.

In fact, now that I think about it, isn’t Hollywood the industry that flies and trucks more people about than half the rest of the world, all in order to make enormous amounts of money from filming comic book adaptations? That Hollywood? Wow, I’m sure glad that they’re saving the planet for us with the campaign against single use plastic, because otherwise you might think that they’re like, full of shit, you know.

Update: Might it also be that same Hollywood that sees their movies accompanied by galaxy-sized sales of soft drinks and food sold in single-use fish-strangling plastic and tree-destroying cardboard?

That same Hollywood who sells plastic toys in their billions? That Hollywood?

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3 thoughts on “Grovel before us, possible apostate

  1. Jason Momoa is a climate change loon, and an United Nations Advocate for Oceans. He also owns a canned water company. He’s married to Lisa Bonet. And he has a son called Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha. So he’s precisely the guy who would do this. (At least he has apologised to Pratt, but the Hollywood pile-on, and Pratt’s grovelling, has made the message clear.)

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