Guilty until proved innocent, part 624372

Nothing has been learned, has it? Perhaps we should just sacrifice some random men at the stake to appease the feminist gods:

Rape victims are eight times more likely to get justice in some police force areas than others in England and Wales, Home Office figures reveal.


North Yorkshire police force is the most successful with one in seven (14.2 per cent) rapes resulting in the sex attacker being charged, according to the data for 2018/19 …


It contrasts with under three percent of rapes resulting in a charge in the eight lowest police forces, led by Kent with 1.6 per cent and followed by Essex (2.4 per cent), Norfolk (2.6 per cent), Surrey (2.6 per cent), Suffolk (2.8 per cent), Hampshire (2.8 per cent) and Cambridgeshire (2.9 per cent).

My bold, seeing as both the police and the Telegraph – and it’s not even the Wyminn’s section this time – haven’t been taught the use of the word ‘alleged’.

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