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From formertory in the comments:

I know nothing of Messrs Momoa and Pratt (but I did watch GoT and so Khal Drogo) but I like to think I can generally spot a possible scam. So, to my eternal shame, I admit to Googling “Jason Momoa Chris Pratt friends”.


Lots of photographs of two bosom buddies laughing with their arms round each others’ shoulders. Lots of social meejah coverage of Momoa “apologising” – of course he is, it’s the 21st Century – for accusing Pratt of something or other involving a plastic bottle; Pratt forgiving Momoa; all is well in Tinseltown.


Wouldn’t it be a delight were it to emerge that Pratt is an investor in Mr Momoa’s tin pot business? I mean it seems pretty obvious it’s a publicist set up.


Social media will yet destroy society as it undermines truth in all directions. Either that, or the suckers who consume it are going to have to learn to be a whole lot more discerning and distrustful of their “heroes”.

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