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From Wood Elf in the comments:

I actually did that ! Well, not as much seize the means of production, but rather, through work and thrift over 25 years I bought the means of production. And now this little person is the sole owner of his very own furniture workshop, full of machines and high quality tools that will last several generations. Admittedly I have not changed the face of the earth in any noticeable way, but that kind of hubristic hyperbole is for deluded ideologues who can only think in slogans. I have however managed to make a livelihood for a handful of guys simply by refining a renewable, recyclable local resource with an exceedingly small ecological footprint. We have made very useful and sometimes even beautiful things that people voluntarily pay good money for; furniture, windows, doors … things that are so well made that they can easily last for over a 100 years. Oh, and good luck to anyone wanting to seize MY means of production. MOLON LABE !



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  1. Yes and you are worth more then a thousand entitled lefties for having done so. I just worked as a humble employee at various companies over the years. But I have always done useful productive work and paid my own way through life. Why do these entitled people think that I owe them anything?

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