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  1. No matter how much money is thrown at it it will always be a mess. Speaking for myself I have had excellent, reasonable, indifferent and pretty poor treatment from the NHS. My cat, on the other hand, enjoys excellent healthcare whenever he needs it. He never has to wait for an appointment and is always dealt with promptly and professionally. I wonder why that is?

  2. My experiences have been okay, but then I’ve hardly used it in my over 50 years of existence. My mother broke her pelvis however and was put on a ward that resembled Bedlam. She even had most of the money taken from her purse there. (Later, I saw signs in the ward saying “Thieves operating in this area”). She was later moved to another ward that was fine. It makes your point that you just don’t know what you’re going to get.
    What I don’t like about the NHS is that if we accept that the State should solely be entrusted with the most important thing to us – our health, there will always be support for every other aspect of life to be too. It reinforces socialist thinking in society.
    It will collapse eventually, either in two years under Corbyn (when the economy has tanked) or slightly longer under the rest.
    Kristian Niemietz at the IEA isn’t afraid to talk about Healthcare policy. He’s written a book on alternatives to the NHS and is very active on Twitter.

  3. Its indicative that we don’t hear much about the NHS being ‘the wonder of the world’ theses days. Even the NHS’s greatest fans have realised that its a bit of a stretch and probably would provoke more hostility than agreement.

    I’ve said it many times, I suspect there is a completely hidden seam of public opinion that is anti-NHS. Even more so than Brexit. At least those in favour of leaving the EU were acknowledged to exist, and minor Anti-EU political parties were on the ballot paper. Anti-NHS feeling is the feeling that no-one in power dare allow to be mentioned. Possibly rather akin to Queen Victoria not thinking lesbians could exist so not making lesbianism illegal (allegedly). Or maybe that they are too scared as to what might be uncovered if any party came out against the NHS.

    Regardless its the political viewpoint that dare not be acknowledged. But it exists, and its growing every day, as more and more people get the raw side of the ‘wonder of the world’. One day it will be unleashed on an unsuspecting political class, and the howls of anguish unleashed by a vote for Brexit will be nothing as to what we’ll see when an anti-NHS party hoovers up millions of votes.

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