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Are the Conservatives finished if they lose tomorrow? — 2 Comments

  1. The young are right wing, they just don’t realise it. The young are the most self centred, individualistic, materialistic generation going, far more so than the middle aged and OAP gammons who are labelled at ‘right wing’. If you actually imposed some real socialist collectivisation upon the under 30s, they’d probably have a mental breakdown. The issue is that their self image doesn’t match their actions. The ‘We’ve only got 12 years to save the planet’ generation are the same generation who go to Glastonbury with a load of cheap camping gear and then leave it in a field for someone else to clear up and throw in a skip.

  2. Labour had a brilliant idea in making home ownership harder, home owners are more like to vote Tory. The Tories need to make housing cheaper to get more Tories in the future.
    Also they could stop missing open goals – why did no Tory attack Naz Shah for her comment on rape. If I was a Tory strategist, I would make sure everyone in the world knew about that.

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